Fingerprint Tapes & Lifters

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Disposable Ink Strips
Disposable Ink Strips feature a thin layer of most famous fingerprint ink sandwiched between..
Ex Tax: $10.00
Fingerprint Lifting Tape Dispensers
Try tearing or cutting tape without leaving prints on the adhesive side. These durable dispensers..
Ex Tax: $7.00
Footprint Residue Lifters
These collection lifters are ideal for collecting footprint residue at the crime scene. A special..
Ex Tax: $24.00
Palm/Cluster Fingerprint Lifting Tapes
Palm/cluster fingerprint lifting tapes are designed for lifting developed palm prints o..
Ex Tax: $8.00
Rubber/Gel Footprint Lifters
These unique footprint lifters are designed to allow for an accurate transfer of foot or footwear..
Ex Tax: $20.00
Transparent & Frosted Lifting Tapes
SIFS INDIA uses a unique approach for lifting developed prints from a variety of surfaces an..
Ex Tax: $4.00
Transparent Palm/Cluster Lifters
These 6" x 9" lifters are designed to accommodate palm or cluster (multiple) prints that are deve..
Ex Tax: $22.00
Transparent Polyethylene Lifting Tape
Polyethylene lifting tape is the perfect choice for lifting developed, powdered latent print..
Ex Tax: $9.00
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